A few years ago, we rescued a group of wild horses. These mustangs were from the Comstock, Virginia Range, herd in Nevada and did not have federal protection. In concert with the folks at the Least Resistance Training Concepts, who work hard to find good homes for the Comstock mustangs, we agreed to make a home for what is now 15 horses that very likely would have otherwise gone to slaughter. Because of the capture method used, we were able to rescue our herd based on family relationships. We rescued two families plus one older male who had been gelded as a mature stallion. This would allow for the formation of a third family as our little herd matured.

Our purpose here at Wing Spur is to provide sanctuary for these fine horses and other family groups as space permits, and to use them as a way to educate folks about America’s wild horse in as free and natural setting as we can provide.

These efforts are supported through donations and volunteer labor. Wing Spur Wild Horses, Inc., is a not for profit, tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Arkansas.

If you would like to make a donation, by check or PayPal, or just want some more information, please contact us.


Our Story


Hay is in. Always good to know there is feed in the barn. Of course, it isn’t free so donations are always appreciated.

Our hay supply is already running low. That means, come February, we will be having to purchase cubes and such to finish out the winter. Typical for this time of year. But it does mean more expense.

NEW REQUEST FOR HELP! This spring we hope to save another wild horse family of 5. We need a sponsor for this effort who would be willing to donate $2000 per year to cover a part of their care.

And the cabin is about ready to rent, so give us a call to make a reservation.